Customize Order Types

Customize Order Types


You can customize and manage the Order Type options that will be displayed in the POS, including adding new Order Types, disabling existing ones, and choosing the Default Order Type for each sale. 



Must have Order Management app installed in your Back Office. To get the app please contact 



1. Log in to your Back Office and in the left navigation menu, go to Apps-->Order Management Settings



2. It will take you to the Order Management Settings page, where you could manage your order types.

  • By default, your order type options will be Pickup, Delivery, Quick Sale, Dine In, and Drive Thru. To disable one of those options, unselect the Is Active checkbox next to the one you would like to disable.
  • To add a new order type option, click on Add an order type. You can then enter the Order Type Name in the field. 
  • Choose which order type you would like to be the default for each order by selecting the Default option next to the order type you want to be the default. 
  • If you have installed the eCommerce or Self-Serve app, select the Is Customer Required checkbox next to an Order Type if you would like to give the option for your customers to select their Order Type type manually.

3. Select the Done button to save settings. 

4. Go to Settings-->Store Settings and then select your store.

5. If you would like your Order Type options to be activated for the selected store, please ensure that the Ability to select order type checkbox is selected. If you do not want it to be activated for that store, make sure the checkbox is unselected. 

  • If selected, your Order Types will be displayed. To manage your Order Types from this screen, select Edit Order Types and you will be taken to the Order Management Settings page. 

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