DejaVoo Terminal Setup on RetailTime POS

DejaVoo Terminal Setup on RetailTime POS


  • US and Canadian merchants can set up and use Z1 or Z11 Dejavoo terminals to process integrated credit and debit card payments via RetailTime. 
  • DejaVoo terminals support both, English and French languages. 


Z1 DejaVoo Terminals

  • Connects via WiFi
  • Does not have a touch screen, so signatures cannot be captured on the terminal. 


Z11 DejaVoo Terminals

  • Depending on the terminal model, it may connect either via WiFi or Ethernet.
  • Has a touch screen, so signatures can be captured on the terminal.


Setting Up DejaVoo Terminals in POS

1. Log in to RetailTime Back Office and navigate to Settings--->Store Settings in the left navigation menu.

2. In the Contacts tab, ensure that Canada or United States is selected from the Country drop-down.

3. In the Payment Gateway tab, select Dejavoo from the Payment Gateway drop-down.


4. Select the DONE button.

5. Log in to POS and sync data.

6. Select Settings--->Terminal Setup in the left navigation menu.

7. Enter the terminal's Register Id and AuthKey.


8. Select the Submit button.

  • If the Dejavoo terminal was successfully connected, you should now be able to process card payments.
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