Instructions for Poynt semi-integration with RetailTime POS

Instructions for Poynt semi-integration with RetailTime POS


While using Poynt as terminal the processing of payments is different comparing to other devices. You will need to set up Semipoynt as payment gateway in Back Office.  


Must have installed the Credit/Debit POS Integration app in the Back Office App Directory.


  1. Go to Apps on Poynt, find POS bridge app and install it.

  2. Make sure that you have the last version of app: 1.0-R42. In order to check it go to SettingsSoftware updates and find POS bridge app.

  3. Make sure that you have installed Credit/Debit POS integration app in Apps tab, at Back Office.

  4. Go to SettingsStore settingsPayment gateway, choose SemiPoynt as payment method. Enable debit card payments if you want to process debit cards. Click Done.

  5. On POS go to Settings, then to Terminal setup, click Add terminal.

  6. After that launch POS bridge on Poynt and click CONNECT MANUAL.

  7. Enter IP address and auth key on POS from Poynt, click Done. Kindly notice, that pairing code on Poynt is the same as an auth key on POS. Now you can see terminal added on POS and devices paired on Poynt POS Bridge

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