Menu Builder

Menu Builder



Accessing Menu Builder

1. In Back Office, select Inventory--->Menu Builder in the left navigation menu. 


Sorting Categories

1. Drag and drop a category to a position where another category currently is. 

  • If you have more categories than what appears on the screen, you can sort by dragging a category to the right arrow on the right of the screen and holding it there until the screen moves to the area you would like to place it. Drop it in whatever location you would like. 

2. Click the Save button. 


Sorting Items within Categories

1. Select a category.


2. Drag the name of the item listed on the left side to the right and place them in the empty square where you would like the item to appear in POS. 

  • You can use the search bar to find specific products in the left panel.


  • Items that were not ordered manually will be arranged by the option selected in the drop-down seen in the screenshot below. The options are:
    • By name (A-Z)
    • By name (Z-A)
    • By price (Low to High)
    • By price (High to Low)
    • By creation date (Newest first)
    • By creation date (Latest first)

3. Click the Save button. 

  •  Be sure to sync data in POS to view changes. 

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