Store Transfer

Store Transfer


  • Customers can manually transfer inventory of products and ingredients from one store to another. 



1. Must have Store Transfer app installed in BO (to get this app installed please contact 

2. User must be assigned either Sales Manager, Back Office Operator, or Administrator roles.

3. Sales Managers and Back Office Operators can only transfer between stores that are assigned to them by an Administrator.



1. Go to Inventory--->Store Transfer in the left navigation menu.

2. Select the store you want to transfer item(s) out from in the Store Out drop-down menu.


3. Select the store you want to transfer item(s) into in the Store In drop-down.

4. Select the Products tab if you wish to transfer a product without ingredients and select the Ingredients tab if you want to transfer ingredients.

5. You can either scan the UPC or SKU of the item you wish to transfer, search by its ID, Name, UPC, or SKU in the search bar, or check the Display list box to see a list of all items at once.

  • If the Display list box is checked, you can filter your products by their Department and/or Category to quickly locate the items you would like to transfer. Once your preferred filter options are selected, either select the Search button or press on the Enter key on your keyboard for the filtered list to appear. 

6. Find the item(s) listed in the Name column and then in the Transfer Qty column in that same row, input the quantity of the item you would like to transfer.

6. When you have selected all the quantities of products or ingredients you want to transfer, click the Transfer button.

  • The transferred item(s) will be removed from the stock of the 'Store Out' store and added to the stock of the 'Store In' store.
  • You can view your Store Transfer history in the Store Transfer Report.

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